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Thanksgiving's Coming on the 4th of July

This year my nation celebrated it's 150th year (yes, Canada is a baby).  Since January we have been celebrating this milestone.  Our birthday falls on July 1st, so I actually ended up spending this monumental anniversary south of the border in NYC for 4th of July, while last year I was in Boston for Canada Day.  David recently moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan and we got to watch the fireworks and get a view of the Empire State Building (lit up for 4th of July in red, white & blue and on Canada Day in red & white) from his rooftop.

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass

Did you know DUMBO is an acronym?

Jane's Carousel

One of America's oldest carousels.

Lobster Roll

Just down the way from Jane's Carousel I found New York's alleged best lobster rolls from Luke's.  Unfortunately I had to scarf this down in in the rain, however a lobster roll is always worth it!

Coney Island

My first trip to Coney Island!  It's quite a trek outside of the city.  David and I didn't exactly prepare for our outing.  I wish I had brought a bathing suit.  We had Coney Island hotdogs and went for a walk along the pier.  Coney Island is a really cool spot in Brooklyn to spend a summer day!

Strawberry Fields

I can't believe this is my first time visiting Strawberry Fields in all my visits to Central Park.  Especially since, only two months prior David and I walked all the way up to visit the Dakota building.  This memorial for John Lennon sits in the park parallel to the Dakota, outside of which he was murdered.

David spotted a photo booth in Dylan's Candy Bar next to Union Square and of course I wanted to get our pictures taken!  I haven't been in one of these in probably ten years at a mall, but who doesn't love a photo booth photo shoot?

Pizza Beach

My last visit to NYC I wanted to visit Pizza Beach, but it was packed and we didn't want to wait for a table.  Well, I finally made it this time!


While living in Ireland I was a frequent customer of Penney's (Ireland's Primark).  I discovered in May that Primark had come stateside, very big news!  I was going to go on my previous visit, but was hesitant to trek all the way out to the centre of Staten Island.  Especially, as it was on my last day that I had scheduled it and I didn't want to dedicate my day to planes, trains and automobiles...quite literally!  I did make it out on this trip though on one of the days David was working.  It really is a trek to be honest.  I took a bus which didn't accept my Metro Card (I didn't have a cash value on it and the express bus is more expensive than a regular trip).  So I ended up having to pay cash.  I realized this on my first attempt to board the bus.  So I went and got cash out and had a Shack Burger while I waited for the next bus.  However, I then realized that not only did I need cash, but the bus only accepts coins!  The driver was nice enough to let me on anyway this time.  But on my way back to the island, I found myself with a giant brown paper Primark bag, standing on the side of the road with no less than 38 quarters in my pocket with which to pay for the bus.  It was totally worth it though.  For those of you not familiar with Primark it is a giant discount retailer from the UK.  It has fast fashion and home goods.  Everything is very on-trend and very inexpensive.  I don't know how I managed to fit everything in my suitcase as I was a bit overzealous, especially considering David bought me two pairs of shoes and I also bought a dress from & Other Stories & a Club Monaco sweater as well.
I ended up with: five pairs of Disney pjs, a notebook (with marble and rose gold) a new purse (I loved my Penney's purse, but it broke while I was in Spain), 5 pairs of Disney socks, a pink wallet (to replace my broken Penny's wallet), spiral hair elastics, a Beauty & the Beast makeup bag, and 3 printed t-shirts (including the Aloha top above).


Little Cupcake Bakeshop Mural

Cha Cha Matcha

Cha Cha Matcha looks like The Beverly Hills Hotel opened a matcha shop in SoHo.  Decorated in palm print with pastel pink accents, it's an instagram girl's dream.  Truth be told I've never had matcha and quite honestly it does not look appealing to me in the least.  I had a black americano because I'm a sociopath.

Eloise at the Plaza


Do I look like I'm in a Tim Burton short?

Happy Birthday America!


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